Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Much Fun

This is just crazy. In Sophie's short 9 months of life she has been through 2 (yes, 2) snowstorms. We woke this morning to a white backyard and huge flakes falling from the sky. As soon as Sophie woke up I put her in her "snowsuit" and we went out to play. She loved it.

She even tried to catch snowflakes on her tongue. I guess she was paying attention Christmas Eve when I showed her how to do that.

I started making a snowman, but that is so-o-o not my thing. Here she is standing next to the 3 snowballs I rolled.

By the way, that grass showing in the picture above is now covered again in snow. It just keeps coming. Hope you all are safe and sound and having "snow much fun", too.

We went back out in the snow after Daddy came home. He turned our snowman (which had fallen) into a thrown for his princess.

Then we had her make a snow angel.


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