Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snow in Texas

So, here is the Christmas Eve story. Typically, we go to Paul's parents to have dinner and open presents with his brothers and their families. We got there about lunchtime or so, but no one was there yet. His brother from Florida had gone shopping and then was doing presents with his in-laws and the other brother was just going to wait until later to come. It started "snowing" just about the time we got there, but wasn't sticking. Here we are in the snow. I showed Sophie how to catch snowflakes on her tongue.

Then the snow really started coming down. The brother who lives close couldn't get out of their subdivision without getting stuck. So we decided to try and make it home. We only got around the block before I told Paul to turn back. I knew that I would be a complete basket case the whole way home, even if the main roads were clear. I was worried about food and formula for Sophie, but figured we could make it until about noon the next day. Luckily, I had plenty of diapers and extra clothes. Our plan after dinner was to go to the 11pm service (where we were scheduled to light the Christ candle), so we all had a change of clothes.

We let Sophie play in the snow (although Wrangler was the one who really enjoyed it). We ate breakfast for dinner (saving the traditional meal for the next day to have with everyone), then put Sophie to bed. We didn't open presents (the tradition in my family) or get to go to church.

I was really upset about how the day turned out. I know, I know, Sophie won't know the difference but Christmas Eve and Santa has always been huge with my family (and it so was not for Paul's). I have planning for years what my child's Christmas Eve would be like. Santa did make it to our house in GP, his gifts were waiting for us when we got there on Christmas afternoon. But we didn't get to put out cookies and milk for him, or listen for his footsteps and the reindeer's bells. But we promise Santa, next year we'll make it up to you!

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