Thursday, May 28, 2009

Induction Part 1

So, when I went to do the labwork at the hospital on Friday they told me I could start calling at 4:00am on Sunday to get my time for the induction. She also told me that they schedule a few at 5am, a few at 6am, most at 7am, and a few at 8am. So, I hardly slept on Sunday, but I waited until my cell phone said 4:00 am before I called the hospital. They told me to call back at 7am. I knew this wasn't a good sign, since if they were making me wait until 7 that meant I couldn't be in before 8am and they only have a few slots at that time. The next 3 hours sucked. I called at 7am, and they told me to try again at 11am (they were too busy and didn't have a place for me). Keep in mind I haven't had anything to eat or drink since before midnight. They did say I could have a light breakfast but nothing else. Just before 11am the charge nurse called, she had already spoken with my doctor. I was now scheduled for Monday, call again at 5am to get an exact time, but I should be able to get in since I had been bumped. So...Happy Mother's Day to me. Not!

We decided to take my mom to lunch at Springcreek Barbeque (her favorite), then she and I went to the mall to walk around and kill time. Coming out of the mall I noticed a pink and brown playard at the consignment shop, so we stopped there. Don't remember if I've blogged about this but we had a swing, playard, highchair set picked out in this great Cherry Blossoms pattern, and it was discontinued just weeks before we went to buy it in February. We picked out different items, but hadn't found a playard yet. The consignment store had the Cherry Blossom one in great condition so we bought it. So I guess the day wasn't a complete bust.

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