Thursday, May 28, 2009

Funny Stuff at Hospital

Just a couple of things that happened that we kind of funny.

1. After they gave me the epidural, my legs went numb pretty quickly. I have a tip for other women who get this done. Don't touch you hips, legs, etc after they go numb. You know how your lip "feels" huge when you get Novocaine at the doctor. The epidural has the same effect on you lower body. My hand was on my hip and I honestly thought it was swollen. I knew I hadn't gained that much wait but still, someone should have warned me that I would "feel" like I had a huge butt.

2. I thought I was going to have trouble once the pushing started. I couldn't feel anything and
the doc was telling me I needed to push differently. How the heck was I supposed to know how to push! Anyway, the doc tells Paul he can come down and take a look if he wants. He told her "no" because he didn't think I wanted him to be down there, but I said go ahead. I asked him about it later, thinking he probably didn't actually get to see much. But she was out all the way to her shoulders. He said it was very weird to see. I'm not sure he'd do it again if he knew then what it was going to look like.

3. To prove that the doctors get very focused, ours didn't even look to see what gender the baby was. She thought the nurse said "he" so when another nurse came in and asked she replied we had a boy. I said "What?!?", then realized that if it was a boy Paul would have been way more giddy.

4. I think it's interesting that it took the doctor longer to finish up with me after Sophie came out than it did to push. Also, that the labor and delivery was so, so easy and the recovery has been horrible. I was completely frightened about the birthing experience, and I should have been worried about recovery.

5. Paul's parents got to the hospital just minutes before pushing so I saw them then they went to the waiting room. After delivery the baby stayed for about an hour or so and then she went to the nursery for another hour or so before we all go to the postpartum room. His parents were nice enough to go get me some food, but ended up being gone during the few minutes they could have seen Sophie before going to the nursery. Then about the time she would have come to my room they had shift change and kept her in the nursery until visiting hours were over. The nurses were very nice and told them not to leave, they had been waiting all day to hold her and they weren't going to kick them out. Finally, after about 6 hours Grandma Noi got to hold Sophie.

6. They had warned us that the chair/bed for the dads to sleep on was terrible. I tried to talk Paul into bringing an air mattress but he refused. That first night he's getting the bed ready and complains how bad it is. (Told you so!) Of course, he's snoring within 10 minutes of laying down, and I still had to wake him when Sophie cried.

7. The second day we were there I got really overwhelmed. I had gotten to take a shower and we had dressed Sophie in an outfit. I was looking forward to taking a picture with my daughter. It took over 2 hours to get that picture because everyone kept coming in. The photography lady, the lactation specialist, the birth certificate people, nurses, techs, the pediatrician, my doctor. It was crazy! Seriously, wasn't I supposed to be resting and recuperating?

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