Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Doctor's Appointment Today

I didn't have to make an appointment for next week because we are going to induce this Sunday (unless I go into labor before then). I am 4 cm dilated but not having any noticeable contractions (of course I have no idea what they would feel like). Paul and I are so excited, we have been ready to hold our daughter for so long. Everything is ready with the exception of the car seat installed in the car, but I have an appointment to do that on Friday morning before I get my pre-hospital lab work done. I'm all packed, the room is set, everyone's on standby. Mom is still in East Texas with my sister and new niece, but she'll be back by Thursday (my step dad is here to drive me around and carry stuff if I need it). At this point, I just plan on sticking around the house trying not to be bored for the next few days.

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