Saturday, March 7, 2009

Baby Classes

Our childcare classes have started at the hospital. We have 3 weeks of Prepared Childbirth, plus a Baby Basics class, Infant Safety, and Breastfeeding class. At the Baby Basics class, Paul changed his first diaper (it was a doll, but still). He figured I probably knew everything, but with my job I don't deal with infants, my kids are at least 12 months old. I remember when I bathed my nephew when he was just weeks old. It was a little scary because he was so small. Paul did a great job at the class, I was very proud.

We have been to one Prepared Childbirth Class. It was very interesting. There are about 7 couples, and every one of us moms wants the epidural. The nurse teaching the class said that was the first time she'd seen that. We saw a video about the stages of labor. I definitely think Paul is going to handle this birthing stuff better than me. I am fully expecting to freak out. I will be that woman who decides she doesn't want to have a baby and to "just take me home!"

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