Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our Spoiled Little Limb Bud

Below is a picture of the nursery closet full of all the gifts for the new baby. most of these are from Christmas but a few we got earlier.

The following video is all the stuff we already had for a baby. Some were given in anticipation of the China baby, some things were just picked up by people who knew someday we'd have kids.

Please note that up until a couple of days ago this closet was full of other stuff like games and toys for bigger kids. When the neices and nephews come over the first place they go is MIC's room (or the closet more accurately) where all the toys were kept. I've moved the toys to the hall closet and the games to the office closet. The nursery also housed 20 large, wrapped boxes (the size of a computer paper box). These boxes contain stuff we've bought, found, or been given for MIC in the last 2 years. Those boxes are now in the guest room closet and our master bedroom closet. There's just a few more items in the room to clear out and then we can really start to make it a nursery.

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jilljohnandhope said...

Hmmmm. Nest much? So much fun!