Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pregnancy Review

I figured since I was just over halfway along, I'd give an update on where we've been in this process.

Week 1 Finishing the last of the hormone shots
Week 2 Embryo transfer
week 3 Waiting to take a blood pregnancy test at the doctor's and debating about just buying one at the pharmacy and doing it early
Week 4 Pregnancy test with the doctor twice in 3 days for confirmation
Week 5 Trying not to tell everyone and their dog (and not really succeeding). Starting feeling nauseous all day long.
Week 6 First sonogram and heard the heartbeat. I also had some bleeding after the sonogram, so had my first freak out. Doctor told me to take it easy the rest of the day, hubby Paul put me on bed rest for the week. Also got wonderful medication for the all day morning sickness.
Week 7 Because of the bleeding, had an earlier exam just to make sure everything was still fine. Second sonogram, love the new 3D machines.
Week 8 Feeling much better with the meds, but extremely tired all the time. Paul teases me about going to bed so early.
Week 9 Last appointment with the fertility clinic. No more oral hormone meds.
Week 10 Make appointment with regular OB, find out I'll probably only have 2 more sonograms. I've already had 3 and now they are cutting me off?
Week 11 Counting the days to the doctor appointment.
Week 12 First appointment with the OB. She did do a sonogram (her standard procedure for 12 weeks). I don't think the front desk knew what to do with me since I had already been seeing a doctor.
Week 13 Pants don't fit and haven't for a while. Of course most people don't notice my expanding waist.
Week 14 Paul's birthday, having a baby is a pretty good present don't you think?
Week 15 Researching genetic testing.
Week 16 Doctor's visit. My mom went with me and talked the doctor into doing a sonogram for her. Nurse thinks it might be a boy.
Week 17 Paul calls me several times at work to gush about having a son.
Week 18 Doctor's appointment, official sonogram with the tech. Find out it's a girl not a boy. Paul accuses me of lying to him.
Week 19 The spoiling of this baby begins as there are Christmas presents from everyone.
Week 20 Paul keeps asking me if I can feel her kicking. I've been saying yes for a couple of weeks, but now I know it is what I'm feeling.

Less than 20 weeks to go and I am sure they will go by even faster than the first 20.

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