Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Painting Day

My dad came over this morning to paint the baby's room. It was a quick job because the room isn't very big and it only needed one coat. We also left the trim and ceiling white. While he was here we also exchanged the ceiling fan, but that will get installed at a later date.

I had asked Paul the night before how long he thought it would take my dad to paint (I was trying to plan the day, woudl I have time to run some errands or would it be an all day thing). Paul said "If I was doing it , it would take a week. But I guess you dad figures he can get it all done in a day since that's all he took off from work." In actuality it took about 3 hours, arrival to clean-up. The picture below is the after shot. Yes, it is a fake shot. But Paul complained that I didn't have any pictures of the daddy-to-be on the blog, so here he is pretending to paint her room.

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