Thursday, August 29, 2013

First Day of School (with Matt)

Logan George has been so excited about starting the new school only because his cousin Matt will also be going to the same school.

We had meet-the-teacher last week and LG loves that his room is decorated in frogs which means lots of green (his favorite color).
Mrs. Keller
The Back-to-School Fairy brought him a book before meeting the teacher and then left some Legos on the first morning.  Aunt Kelly also had a gift (a new DS game) to start the new school year.  We kept his same backpack and lunch box from last year but added some super-cool headphones for computer class and a matching towel for "brain break".  We also got a special hook to hang everything on.
I set LG's alarm but he turned it off before he went to sleep but he still got up without complaint.  I had prepped his lunch so I didn't have to do much in the morning.

 I found an interview sheet for the first day of school and had LG do part of it in the morning and the rest after school.  The red frame chalkboard came from Hallmark.  I took a couple of photos in front of the tree in our yard.  It will be neat to see the growth throughout the years.

Of course, LG went right into class without a hitch (since it was his second year to do this).  His teacher showed him where to hang his backpack and then posed for pictures with each student.

I think we are both really going to like his teacher.  She seems very nice and excited about the school year.  She's been doing this a while and it seems that she has some great ideas about the best ways to foster learning. And, of course, the frogs remind me of my Mamber!

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