Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day in the Life August 23rd

On the last weekday before school started, we did a "day in the life".  Paul was on a trip so it was just the kids and I.  Here's how it went:

I woke up at 7am and watched some television until the kids got up after 7:30.

They watched a show, snuggling in my bed until about 8:30 when we had breakfast and fed the pets.

Sophie Rose's Breakfast

Mommy's Breakfast

Logan George's Breakfast

The Kitty Krew's Breakfast

Then we got ready for the day.
Sophie Rose "reading" her new Bible

Making her bed

Gathering dirty clothes

Load of laundry for the day

The kids wanted to swim so we headed to the pool at 10am.

We came home at noon for lunch, then had rest time.

My sister was out-of-town so we picked up her dogs about 2pm and came home to play.

This is where Daisy spent most of her time.  The cats are behind that door.  I put the box there so she wouldn't drool and scratch the door.
At 4pm the kids watched a movie while I did some work around the house. At 5:30 I ordered pizza and we went out front to play.  We decided to stay there for a Picnic Pizza on the Porch.

At 7pm, I started bedtime routine, which includes baths, screen time, brushing teeth, stories and prayers.

Even Wrangler is ready to relax.

How Sophie Rose chooses to read her e-book.

Both kids went to bed at 8pm and I settled down to relax.  Of course, the dogs were a little crazy so I didn't get to sleep very well and they woke me up a couple of times too.

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