Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sophie's Birthday Celebration Part 1: The Climbing

WARNING: Long post with lots of pictures.

We decided to have Sophie's birthday party at the local climbing gym.  We had taken the kids a few months ago and Sophie really enjoyed it.  Since the party was mainly for the cousins (and of course our dear friend Zoey) we wanted something that would appeal to all the ages.  Sophie didn't end up climbing very much because she wanted to hang out with her besties (Kalyn and Zoey) but she says she still had a great time.  I think everyone enjoyed it even the adults.

First order of business was to get into the gear and learn some safety.

We let the kids start first.  Sophie has a hard time getting in the right position to descend so Tucker had to go up and help her out.






Once all the kids had a chance, the adults got a turn.  We had invited our friend Chris to help belay for the kids and Grandma helped watch the kids  who weren't climbing.  Even Maw Susan went up in spite of her fear of heights.




We even enjoyed a bit of competition to see who could make it to the top first.

We were able to go have cake and then come back to climb some more.

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