Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Birthday, Sophie Rose

Just some pictures from her party days and the actual birthday.  We let her open a gift before we went to the rock climbing gym and she loved the Doc McStuffins book and Sofia video.

Of course after her party we had to have dinner at Joe's Crab Shack.  Here is the birthday girl with her favorite mommy, aunt, and cousin (at least at this time).
I took the leftover cupcakes to the preschool for her to share with her class.  She had also picked out Olivia plates and goody bags that we stuffed with art stuff (crayons, notepads, tape, pens).
On her actual birthday, we went to the bouncey place then had an early dinner at Olive Garden.  After dropping the boys at home I took her to get her very first "real" manicure.  We would have done toes too but they were really busy and I wasn't sure how well she'd do.  I did her toes at home the next day and she remembered all the steps, including soaking in water (which she insisted she do) and also the lotion.
Little flowers on her thumbs.
She had a great birthday celebration and is looking forward to the next party with her cousins.

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