Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, Logan George

Once I decided to have Logan's first American birthday party at our house, I chose to do a Snowman Party. There is a woman who has a mobile snow cone company who does these parties in the off-season. I had Maw Susan make these cute shirts for Sophie and Logan.

The weather was actually kind of warm but rainy. The owner was concerned about doing the snowmen inside because they would melt faster creating slippery floors. Paw Briggs took the time to clear an area in the garage pushing everything to the sides so that we could get the table in there.

Each child was given a bucket of shaved ice and then they were able to make miniature snowmen. There were small twigs, pipe cleaners, beads and other stuff to decorate the snowmen.

I bought gloves and mittens at Target Spot so everyone could keep there hands warm while making their snowmen.

After we made snowmen, it stopped raining just long enough for us to have a snowball fight.

Everyone got in on the action (but I think the adults had the most fun)!

Maw Susan had made all the kids scarves from leftover fleece she had. Although it was warm enough to not need our coats.

Parade of Snowmen!

After the snowball fight, we got snow cones. Then we went inside for cake. I found lots of ideas for making your own really cute snowmen cakes and treats, but I knew that would be too stressful. So instead I ordered this cupcake cake from Walmart. It's supposed to be 2 different colors and look like balloons. I asked them to do all white, turn it then write "Happy Birthday, Logan". Once we got it home I added mini oreos for eyes, red M&Ms for a mouth, orange slice candy for the nose, and blue sugar for the scarf. The candles matched the scarf so I incorporated them, too.

It was the perfect time to have a snowman party. I got all the paper goods at the dollar store.

Before the party and after cake we played some games. I borrowed this toss game from church.

I put a big piece of white butcher paper over the front door then added paper accents to create this snowman. Then we used a piece of fleece scrap as a scarf to play "pin the scarf on the snowman".

We opened presents and Sophie had lots of fun playing with Logan's new bamboo blocks.

Playing with all the Imaginext toys.

It was a great day and I learned that I could host a birthday party at the house without too much stress.

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