Saturday, February 19, 2011

Great Backyard Bird Count

I took the kids to the local nature center for the annual Great Backyard Bird Count. They had several activities for the kiddos as well as guided bird walks (which we didn't get to do). The kids had fun looking at eggs, even using a flashlight to get a peek of the chick inside. They also saw different parts of birds up close, Logan even got to use a microscope to see birdseed really, really close.

They made this bird silhouette for the window so that birds won't accidentally fly into the glass.

Then we made bird valentines using bread, egg whites, and birdseed.

They had face painting. Logan had bird (is it a chick or a duck?) on his cheek. As soon as I said "these ladies can paint your face" Sophie immediately started pointing to her hand and saying no. You might remember our "tattoo" experience at the Asian market. So she got a yellow star on each of her hands.

They had a ring toss game where you were trying to follow the migration pattern of a specific bird.

Then there was this table: (try to guess what he's doing?)

I'll bet you didn't guess "finding small rodent bones in an owl pellet". You did! Well, that's exactly right. They had a paper with drawings of different bones so that you could match the ones you found in your pellet and determine which animal the owl had eaten for it's lunch (or midnight snack). Logan loved this table! He probably would have picked through every pellet they had if I'd let him.

While we were there we also got library cards for the kids. Oh, yeah, and listened for the sounds of birds!

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