Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fort Worth Museum visit

Paul was supposed to work today but decided not to, so we headed to the local Science and History museum. I've been wanting to go altogether, so I could determine if it was something I could do by myself with the kids. It was so great and I can definitely do it on my own. They have recently renovated and added a Children's Museum. We headed there first and just let the kids run around exploring all the fun stuff. They had snakes to look at, a huge train set to put together, a pretend grocery store, a hospital area, and water fun outside.

Letting Dr. Giraffe calculate their heights.

Off to get the groceries. Logan filled his basket with all the "roasted chickens" they had. Then he just kept adding stuff. Sophie was more interested in just pushing the cart, probably because the one we have at home is commandeered by Logan most of the time.

After we explored the children's area, we went to the Dino Lab and then saw a 4D show about the Barnett Shale. Then the kids got to explore all things related to drilling for natural gas.
We were ready to leave in time to get home, eat lunch and nap. I tried to get a picture before we left, but I think everyone was just ready to go.

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