Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tot School 2nd Week of October

1. I pulled these lizards out today and put Sophie in the bathtub with them while I took a shower.

2. Sophie wasn't as impressed with these plastic sea creatures. We might try again another but this day she was more interested in...

trying to do a somersault.

3. Sophie loved the vinyl clings so much I decided to try these gel clings this week. I think they were an even bigger hit.

I think she was trying to determine if they smelled as good as they looked.

4. Sophie likes getting the tot school trays out and even though it's just playing for her, I still try to add a little more to it. We do lots of sorting by coloring, counting and identifying objects. With these magnets I'd create pictures and she'd mess them up.

This is what happened when I asked "Where's the yellow airplane?" I didn't even know she knew where airplanes were.

5. I bought these rainforest animals to use at VBS this summer. Sophie and I used to count legs, sort by those with tails and those without, and by color.

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