Friday, October 8, 2010

Tot School 1st Week of October

I've been a little neglectful with Sophie and her Tot School stuff, but this week I put together some new items and we had fun playing. We had a day off from Preschool so these came in handy to break up our routine.

I pulled a bunch of stuff from a storage bin I had from my previous job at a daycare center. Here she is playing with some matchbox race cars. They were different colors and had numbers on the roofs so we talked about that as we played.

She didn't like it when I hung the monkeys on the rim of the bucket. But she loved it when we put them all in, put on the lid and then shook them up.

I have an Uno Jenga game which I used for this tray. I just put about half the game pieces in and then we sorted them and made patterns (ok, I did that but still surely she got something out of it). She liked dumping them all on the floor, but she has become a very good helper picking her toys up.

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