Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pumpkins on the Prairie

So we made a visit to the second pumpkin patch of the season. Paul asked how many Sophie was going to be visiting this fall...probably 5 total (which includes one that is more of a petting zoo and another that is a you-pick-it place). Today, though, we headed north to meet with our friends the Dyers to go to Pumpkins on the Prairie. We had so much fun, they have so many activities for families.

One of the newest things they added a couple of years ago is the pumpkin launching. You basically buy a small pumpkin, they get it set up and then you get to launch it into the field. We let all the kids have a chance as well as the daddies. Kindergartner Hope figured out that the smaller pumpkins would hit the ground and roll but larger pumpkins would actually crack and break upon impact.

They had 2 bounce houses and Sophie actually went in and bounced for a bit.

There was a hay maze that Paul took Sophie and Hope through.

We also got to go on a hay ride.

Jill, Noah, Hope, April and Sophie

Here are Noah and Sophie playing some of the games.

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jilljohnandhope said...

I love how Hope just jumped right in your family picture! We had fun! Thanks for driving out here!