Sunday, October 25, 2009

Green Meadows Petting Farm

I've gotten a flyer about this place every year at the Preschool but never really looked into it. Since it is so close to our house I checked out their website and liked what I saw. We decided to take Sophie so she could see the animals and we could get a pumpkin. I think Paul had more fun either me or Sophie. With the smaller animals you could go into the pens, some you could feed, and the big ones you just looked at. The first thing Paul had to do was pick up a turkey. The females are much better looking than the males. The males have great tail feathers, but their faces are terrible.

Next, he had to chase the ducks.

They had a separate pen with just mommy and baby goats. They were so cute. This is a momma who was just too tired to move (I know how she feels). Notice the baby inside the feed barrel.

Then we went into the pen with the goats and sheep. These we could feed (but only outside the fence, or else you'd get run over by the animals).

We saw a longhorn and a buffalo (or maybe it was a bison).

They had cows that you could milk. Paul thought that was the best.

I didn't milk the cow, but I did let Sophie pet it. This is a momma cow, we are touching it's belly where the calf is moving inside (it looked just like it did when I was pregnant with Sophie).

They had a show where they brought out a few animals and told you about them. They also had a horse that could add and subtract. Before the show we went by and saw a pen with 6 week old piglets in it. There were squealing so loud. Paul said they must be hungry. During the show we found out why. they were part of the pig races. The animal handler let them run from one pen to the other with a volunteer ringing a bell at the far pen (where the food was, obviously). This is Oreo, the pig we were routing for during the race.

They also have tractor hay rides through the park.

After the hay ride, we went to pick out our pumpkins. W got one for Sophie and one for MIC.

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