Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Additions to the Nursery

We have added some things to the nursery. My mom wanted to put a canopy over the crib, so she invited her seamstress friend over to take a look and work at the design. I had mentioned to her that I thought Ikea had a canopy that would go with the bedding but she said she had something already in mind. Anyway, she finally looked at the Ikea catalog and liked the design so she decided to buy one, if only to take it apart and use it as a pattern. Unfortunately, you can't order it you have to go to the store to get it. My step-dad graciously offered to get it since he drives that way each week from work.

Let me describe what I think the Ikea people encountered last Saturday. In walks a man, with a beard, who hasn't showered, had worked at a construction site all day, wearing heavy, thick work overalls (over his other clothes), asking for help finding a baby canopy. I think they were probably trying to figure out why this "homeless" man needed a canopy. He was definitely not your typical Ikea shopper.

He did eventually find the canopy. As you can see, it was perfect! Every color in the canopy is in the bedding. The shape is reminiscent of the tent on the bedding. The crib is actually located under the vent so we just hung the canopy from it for now and it looks great. mom is thinking of adding some more pink since Paul wants more pink for his little princess. (Yes, his words not mine.)

I also moved some books into the room as well as some children's cd's I had. Paul's mom brought us 3 elephants figurines she had that look great on the shelves and I also found the frog piggy bank we'd bought a few years ago. And of course, I put a basket of toys for Wrangler in there so he has something to play with when he hangs out in there with me.

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Pete and Jen said...

I love the colors and theme you chose for the room!