Wednesday, February 18, 2009

3 Hour Glucose Test

I had my test on Tuesday and although the test itself was fine the people who work at LabCorp ( on Mayfield and Matlock) are horrible, rude, mean people. I cried more there than I have throughout the whole pregnancy. I don't have results yet, but I am really hoping that I don't have gestational diabetes. I lost 4 pounds over the weekend watching my carbs and sugar intake. There was a really nice older lady that was also getting tests done. When she came in I was sitting by the elevators. I overheard her tell her daughter "That little girl looks so sad." When I went back into the waiting room for my next blood draw she was there and noticed I was having trouble breathing. Really I was just trying not to puke, I was so nauseous. Anyway, she gave me a great tip that worked. She said to hold your arms straight above your head and it should help. I did it and it did help. When I told her thank you and that it had worked she said something about knowing a few things at 92 years of age. I guess if she was that old, I could be a "little girl."

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