Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Break Has Begun

I have some grand plans for how this first "real" summer break is going to go and let me tell you the first day kicked my hiney.  Here's the some of the highlights:

  • Logan George has speech camp 2 times a week for 6 weeks.  And we'll continue to work on speech at home on the other days.
  • This first week Sophie is attending VBS at our old church, and then they are both attending VBS up near the new house next week.  The plan will be to do another week of VBS up that way after that.
  • Speech camp and VBS keep the kids busy in the morning so I adapted a program to create "Summer Camp at Home" for the afternoons.
  • We are also working our way through Thriving Family magazines summer program, Around the World in 60 Days.
  • I am also going to continue working with both kids on school stuff like Handwriting Without Tears, Touch Math, a phonic program I found, workbooks, etc.
  • Add to all that, there is also the Summer Bucket list to work our way through.
Now if that wasn't enough to drive me insane, we are also moving in a few weeks.

Creating flying things at the museum.

Miniature pinwheels.

Logan found everything to make fruit salad in the Children's Museum section.

Now here's why the first day was so kids need naps!!!!  We went to the science museum in the morning, had a picnic lunch there, then headed home.  Both kids took short naps in the car but wouldn't rest once we got home.  When we started the Summer Camp at Home portion, Logan was so grumpy and ended up throw tantrum after tantrum.
The kids Summer Camp at Home baskets, with a sleeping bag for storytime, box of crayons and pencils, writing journals, and postcards.

My tubs with the first 2 weeks of Summer Camp supplies.

Painting egg cartons to make bugs.

Now day 2 was also the day that Sophie started VBS and Logan started speech camp.  The morning went well for both kiddos, but once again Logan slept in the car and wouldn't rest at home.  Sophie took a great nap and spent the rest of the evening having lots of fun.  Logan on the other hand had some issues again.  I wish there was a way to keep him from falling asleep in the car but unfortunately the drive from speech camp is about 45 minutes away.  We will continue to work on this but he is definitely going to have to rest everyday and preferably SLEEP.
Thriving Family activity showing all the landscapes in New Zealand.
I am trying to stay flexible and my plan is to use Saturday and Sunday as catch-up and complete days.  I may find that it's more than we need but I wanted to be sure that I had plenty of activities for the kids once I started packing away their toys.  As we are going along, I'm also trying to find ways to integrate the different programs (eg. mailing summer camp letters while practicing our speech sounds, gathering school supplies as donations for Thriving Family activity again while practicing our "s" blends, counting bugs as part of our math lesson).

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