Monday, November 19, 2012

More About Sophie

  • Taking off her shoes:  She takes her shoes off every chance she can.  She prefers barefoot even outside, whether hot or cold.
  • With Logan starting Kindergarten, Sophie had some separation anxiety.  It has been very odd since she was never like that before.

  • Fearless/climbs on everything:  She is completely fearless and loves to climb on everything.

  • Valentine's Day Goodies
  • Hiding whenever daddy comes home:  Both kids love to hide as soon as they hear the garage door opening.  Of course, they can't be quiet and their giggling gives them away. 
  •  This is where you can find Sophie first thing in the morning, watching a little TV.

  • Hanging out at the outside concert.
  •  This is how Sophie prefers to spend her sick days.

  •  Sophie's first day of Preschool at Kidspark.
 Playing with her new playdough Ice Cream Shoppe.

Showing off her dance moves.

Screentime with Mommy's tablet.

Hanging with Mommy.

Reading a princess journal at her vanity.
 Stacking little oranges.

Worn out from a visit with Grandma.
 Dollar store balloons.
 Playing at Abby's Playtown.

She didn't even realize she had drawn a moustache on herself.

Sophie got superglue on her eye.  It took a lot of mineral oil and time but we got it all off.  Months later she will still tell you how it happened.

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