Friday, February 24, 2012

Up Party

I recorded the movie Up a few days ago and then came across this blog that had a bunch of ideas to go along with the movie. So I gathered my supplies and printed out some stuff and we had an UP Party.

I printed Adventure Books for each of the kids, plus some other activities, like mazes and puppets. I found nets at the dollar store so we could go Snipe Hunting. For lunch we had hot dogs and grape soda, plus chocolate bars for snack.

I couldn't find grape soda in bottles with bottle caps, but I did find this craft kit to make bottle cap jewelry.

I hung up some balloon decorations. I also got some tennis ball dog toys for the kids to play with Wrangler.

Of course, we had to pick up a couple of balloons for the kids.

Logan didn't quite get the idea of the party just being us. He kept asking when the other people were coming.

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