Thursday, February 16, 2012

Park Play 2012

Today we went to the park after nap. It was our first trip of the year and I'm sure we will be going lots more. Both kids love the playground. We stopped at Sonic first and got happy hour drinks with our lucky Chinese money. This was a hit since both love bouncing and jumping.

Sophie must be going through a phase of some sort. Normally she loves to swing but when I put her in the swing she got upset. Apparently the swing was too high. (This isn't a new park, we've been before.) Then when we moved to the climbing thingy she wouldn't go down the slide. She did let me take her picture but only with Logan next to her. The crazy part is she would climb up any ladder-type thing there, getting up several feet.

Unfortunately, it was cooler than it first seemed so we only stayed about half an hour before heading home.

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