Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tot School: Pom Poms

I bought a package of colorful pom poms at the dollar store. I used an empty snack container that has a lid. I put all the pom poms in the bottle before Sophie saw it. We spent 15 minutes playing with this tray.

The first thing she did was put the bottle to her mouth.

After a few minutes I took the lid off and showed her what was inside.

She then tried to put the lid on and off by herself. Took a bit to figure that one out though.

After I dumped all the pom poms out, she started putting them into the bottle. I'd try to name the color as she did it.

Here she is looking at them inside. She'd put a few in, then look, then say something (it made her voice sound funny).

Even though she saw me pour the pom poms out, she would stick her hand into the bottle and pull them out.

Once she figured out how to work the lid, she spent several minutes putting it on and taking it off.

At one point she even figured out that you can't pom poms into the bottle when the lid is on.

Here she is looking at all the pom poms in the tray.

After this she started putting the pom poms in her mouth, then trying to run from me, so I put the tray away. We'll get it out again another day.

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