Monday, August 2, 2010

Abbey's Playtown

I have been trying to get Sophie on a preschool schedule which means no more morning nap. I am trying to find ways to keep her awake and active until noonish for lunch, then nap after that. So, this morning, I took Sophie to an indoor play room. It's a great place. They have bounce houses, one which is a train station and the train. They have several Little Tykes playscapes (a rock climbing wall, roller coasters, slides) and about a dozen or more riding toys. Sophie loved the police car, she could get in and out all by herself. They also had a couple of play kitchens, with baskets of food and dishes.

Sophie liked swinging best, I think.

This place is very user-friendly. They have picnic tables set up for parents to sit and watch. They also allow you to bring in food (next time, we will probably bring our lunch). They also have snacks and drinks to purchase if you want. There is a separate baby area, and children are limited to 8 years old. It was very clean and bright and the set-up was wonderful, with safety in mind. It was such a good environment that I didn't feel like I was at work, having to watch other people's kids. The employees (and probably owner) were very nice, helping kids with the toys when needed and cleaning up and straightening all the time.

We'll be going back again soon!

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