Saturday, June 5, 2010

Scary Night

I honestly thought about grabbing the camera, but knew it needed to be charged. Paul did get a couple on his camera.

When I put Sophie to bed last night, she felt a little warm. I didn't take her temperature because although than feeling warm, she wasn't acting too bad. She woke up about an hour later screaming and crying, when I went to get her, she threw up. She was burning up, the first read of the thermometer said 105.5, but the I did a second read and it was 104.7. Paul came into to help me, we called the doctor's office, gave her ibuprofen, and got her in a warm bath while we waited for the after-hours nurse to call me back. Paul had Sophie in the bath while I got dressed and finished putting the stuff up from dinner. I was pretty sure the nurse was going to want Sophie to be seen by a doctor.

When she called back, the big thing was the spiked fever with the vomiting. She sent us to the hospital. Of course, the only hospitals that have any pediatric facilities are the children's ones, so off we went. They got us signed in and her vitals taken very quickly (within minutes). They also gave her a dose of Tylenol. Then we got registered, waited a bit, then went back into one of the rooms to wait. And wait. And wait. I can't really complain too much, we saw a doctor within 2 hours of getting there. The problem was that Sophie's fever was coming down and she was tired (it's way past her bedtime now). If they had had a crib in the room she probably would have gone to sleep, but as she started feeling better she just wanted to be moving around. At one point the nurse came in and didn't see her because she was sitting on the floor taking everything out of her bag.

The doctor said there was a virus going around causing vomiting and high fever, about half the kids in there had it. I said something about it being related to the heat or maybe the change in the weather, I wasn't paying enough attention to him at that point. He gave her Zofran for the vomiting. That is the same medicine I took when I was pregnant with Sophie. They had us wait 30 minutes then wanted her to drink some pedialyte and keep it down before we could go home.
They brought us unflavored pedialyte in a baby bottle with one of those brown cheap nipples.

Now Sophie has never had anything but formula and milk out of a bottle, and we've actually been weaning her off the bottle (only has one a day). She would not drink any of that stuff. She was fascinated with the nipple. We were waiting for the nurse to come to ask if we could put it in her sippy cup but the doctor returned and said he really wasn't worried about her being dehydrated since she only threw up once. He also mentioned that she must not be since she was making plenty of tears. She cried every time they took her temperature, with her big crocodile tears. So they let us go home with a prescription for Zofran if she needs it.

They said it is contagious and to keep her in until she didn't have fever or throw up, probably just a day or so. Thankfully, all we did Friday was lunch with Daddy so we shouldn't have gotten anyone else sick. We were supposed to have her one-year portraits done today, so we will reschedule those, but that was all we really had planned, so some special Sophie-on-parents playtime will be had and enjoyed by all.

By the way, tomorrow is my birthday. Someone really needs to explain to Sophie that mommies prefer jewelry and chocolate as presents, not late night trips to the ER. I'd say that homemade gifts are great, but as Paul would say she did make the vomit all by herself.

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