Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sophie at Preschool

Sophie isn't actually old enough to attend preschool where I work yet, but she has been "visiting" now that she has gotten so mobile. She will go into the babies room in the morning before the kids get there and stay until about 9:20. Then some days she'll go and play in their room while they are in the crib room napping. I am so appreciative of the teachers who promise me they don't mind watching her so I can get a few things done (like payroll, ha!). On this particular day she spent a little more time in the room because they had several kids out and I needed to help with the egg hunts. During the egg hunt, this is where she was just watching it all happen. I know she really wanted to get and play but with all those kiddos running around I was afraid she might get run over. She is so ready to go to school!

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