Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Eggstravaganza

We had a great Easter weekend!
On Saturday we dyed eggs. I saw this trick on a blog to use a wire whisk to hold the eggs. GENIUS!!!

The Easter Bunny came bringing lots of goodies.

The Easter Bunny gave Sophie this Kai-Lan doll. She hasn't really gotten into dolls yet, but we are trying. As you probably know, we have a soft spot for Kai-Lan (since she's Chinese like MIC), but this doll is crazy weird. Her head is so big and heavy we couldn't get her to lean or sit up (all she could do was lay down). And she's definitely not very cuddly, or huggable.

We met Paul's parents at church for the Contemporary service. After church we went to Pappasito's for lunch. They had an Easter Bunny walking around. I tried to get Sophie's picture with him, but she kept turning away.

After lunch, Paul and I got to go see a movie while Grandma and Grandad babysat. Grandma Noi also brought goodies.

Sophie had lots of fun hunting eggs after her nap. I found these eggs that make noise, talking and giggling. Sophie and Wrangler were both trying to find them. She didn't quite get the point of the basket but she did find all the eggs.

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