Friday, May 30, 2014

Springtime Randomness

Just some randomness of the kids.  They keep me laughing and smiling everyday.

Dentist Visit

All Smiles

My Little Diva

Handsome Boy

Getting Upstaged

Egg Spoon Races

Doing a Devotional

Tattoo Parlour

Used all of them

Watching the boys play

Getting Gussied Up

Testing out the New Window Seat Cushion

Kung Fu Kids

Our Favorite Lunch Spot

Dancing with Chuck E. Cheese

Bumper Cars

In Celebration of Noah Red on Autism Awareness Day

Telling ghost stories during a storm

Pretend Picnic

New Rollerskates

Getting the Hang of It

Making new friends

Recognition of Adoption

Rollerblades for Logan George

Time for a Nap

Crazy Boys

My Climbing Monkey

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