Saturday, April 26, 2014

Skittle Night

Gladney hosts a special night at Six Flags each year as a fundraiser.  The whole park is available but only to those with the special tickets (not the general public).  There is very little waiting in lines, the characters are out for photo ops, and there is even a special catered dinner.

This was LG's favorite ride.  He loved driving the car "by myself".

Sophie Rose was fearless as usual and Logan George loved the rides too. He would talk and scream through the whole thing.  It was very humorous.  After dinner we ended up on a ride the did a lot of spinning that made my stomach drop.  When I asked Logan George if his felt funny, he said he felt like throwing up.  (BTW, he's never thrown up as far as we know.)  He sat out the next couple of rides, but decided to give it another try when we got to the kiddie section.  He and Sophie Rose sat together on a swing and he ended up feeling sick again.  Sophie Rose was a great sister, holding her hand over his mouth in case he actually threw up.  So funny!

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