Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Logan's First Day of Kindergarten

I can't believe he's in Kindergarten.  I have been saying for weeks that this is one of the disadvantages to adopting an older child...I only had 18 months to prepare to send my baby boy to school, not 5 years.  We didn't talk about it too much before because Logan gets very concerned by changes in his routine.  He handles them fine but I didn't want to spend all summer talking about it all day, every day.  He is familiar with the school because he had walk-in speech therapy last year.  We did let him help choose a new backpack and lunch box.  He also picked some supplies (although we just donated those, because I bought the pre-packaged set for him).

Paul was able to go to the Meet the Teacher night plus he joined us the first morning.  His teacher is very nice.
There was a few special treats when he came out for breakfast.

Because we live so close, we will be walking to and from school most days.  It will be great to avoid the carpool lane and traffic around the school.
Logan was a bit confused at the school because he thought we were all staying (like we did when we met the teacher).  But he actually went in fine.  He does require a hug and kiss and confirmation about when I'll be picking him up but otherwise he is just goes right in and starts his work.
The Back-to-School Fairy visited while he was at school so this is what he found on his bed after his very first day of Kindergarten.


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