Friday, September 30, 2011

Show & Tell September

Each week in Logan's preschool class, they have show & tell. Typically, the item you bring starts with the letter of the week. Logan's not really at a point where I can ask what he wants to take so I come up with some ideas and then go from there. Because of his speech we talk about what he will say and practice a lot!

Because there wasn't a letter of the week the first week, they could bring whatever they wanted but needed to tell what letter it started with. I collect inexpensive books and had enough for each child in his class so he took his "bookbag" and "books" and was able to share with his friends.

The second week was letter L. We made lemonade and Logan took a lemon to show. Then at snack he was able to share and give everyone lemonade.

For letter F, we made a trip to the Asian market for fortune cookies. The kids had so much fun at the market, looking at the live fish and crabs, and the different fruits and vegetables. We got enough fortune cookies for Sophie to share with her class, too.

For letter E, we combined 2 "e" word...envelope and Edna. During chapel earlier in the week, I had talked about adoption and had a picture of Edna Gladney for each child to color. I asked the teachers in Logan's class to keep the pictures after they colored them. Then I put each one in an envelope and addressed it to the child. Logan talked about what you do with envelopes (mail it) and who's name was on the outside (Logan George) and what was inside (Edna).

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