Monday, March 14, 2011

Logan's Baptism and Celebration

My family and friends wanted to have some sort of "shower" or party for Logan so we decided to do it after his baptism. It was a truly blessed day! Our family of 4! My mom and sister decorated in red, white, and blue. So cute! Logan and Sophie with the cousins. Kalyn, Maya, Logan, Sophie, Matthew, and Olesya The kids in the preschool made this sign for the celebration.
Opening presents. He did let his sister help. He loved the wagon Aunt Kelly and Uncle James got for him. (Now maybe he'll let Sophie use her grocery cart again.)

Logan with all the wonderful gifts he received.

Logan can tell you what happened that day. The oil anointing was especially memorable for him. All day he would point to his forehead where the oil was put. He would also sign water and point to his head if asked what Pastor Mike did. Big thanks to all who were able to join us for this wonderful day!

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