Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning

Because Logan was jet-lagged he awoke Christmas morning at about 3:30am ready to start the day. We decided to go ahead and let him do his Santa presents which would give us some time with just him before Sophie woke up. Santa brought him a train table as well as a few other smaller toys.

After checking out the toys, we opened his stocking. He found a book...

An ornament...

And some treats to eat.

Maw Susan also let him open a couple of gifts.

We got in some playing before the little sister came in.

After a while, Sophie woke up and found her Santa presents. The big gift was a kitchen set. Look, just my size!

What should I put in here?

Logan's trying to figure out if he gets to play with it too.

Of course, Sophie got to open some Maw Susan gifts, too. Here she is showing us the Rose Barbie she got.

We also had some presents left for them to open.

After all those gifts, we had breakfast and got ready for the family to come over. Yay! More presents!

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