Sunday, September 27, 2009

Going to Work With Mommy

Although my mom was still here, I took her and Sophie with me to work so I could get used to it. I have a wonderful job that allows me to take my child to work, but I wasn't sure how it would be having her in the office with me. Mom was available this first day to do bottle feedings and help get her to nap, but after this, I'll be on my own.

Here we are getting ready for the first day of preschool.

All dressed!

Hanging out in Mommy's office.

I have her pack n' play in the corner. It is great because it has an attached diaper changer and storage for diaper and other stuff. I cleared out a drawer in the desk to hold bottles, formula, water, diapers, extra clothes, and a few other items. The church has a bouncer and swing that I've put in the office, and there is also an exersaucer I can use if I need it. I found a front pack carrier that I will use some, especially while I'm just sitting at the computer, or when I need to walk the halls and check on classes.

All the staff has name badges that have their title (i.e director, teacher). I made Sophie one too that hangs on her pack n' play. Her title is Quality Control. I figure she'll be the one to test any new toys or make sure any new teachers are good enough for our preschool. The other teachers kids are just fascinated that there is a baby in my office. Several would ask where she was while my mom had her at home. I have even used Sophie as the "treat" to get one little girl to take a nap. If she stayed on her mat and was quiet, after nap she could come help me with the baby. Worked like a charm, she was so quiet and still she fell asleep and didn't wake up until time to go!

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