Monday, April 27, 2009

Students Gifts

The children at school worked really hard to create gifts for me before I left for maternity leave. The teachers were so creative in coming up with these.

The Seniors had a memory box that had elephants made from their fingerprints on top. they also put together an advice book where each child told how to take care of a baby.

The Freshmen gave me a matted picture frame with each child's hand print on it.

The Sophomores created this blanket with each child's hand print. They also each painted a bib. Sophie shouldn't need anymore bibs now.

The Juniors created this card with a class picture and a mosaic flower on the front.

It will be very hard to miss the last couple of weeks of school and the year-end program. I love to see the children sing for their parents and to watch the seniors graduate.

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Pete and Jen said...

You look great, but I know the last few weeks are the hardest! You want to meet her and squeeze her....Oh, and be comfortable again!!!! :)